4th Annual Old Money New System Annual Retreat

SAVE THE DATE: November 4-7th 2019 at the Watershed Center, Millerton, NY

“It’s estimated that 45 million U.S. households will transfer $68 trillion in wealth over the next 25 years” -Cerulli associates

What would it look like to move at least 1% of that wealth towards a philanthropy that builds community wealth, economic democracy, and creates cultural equity for us all?

*Stay Tuned for Old Money New System’s new vision and pathway along with theory of change.*

Who might attend:

  • You are a donor, impact investor, board member of a foundation, trustee, someone working in socially responsible investing, a loan officer at a community loan fund, co-op developer, or someone in the philanthropy field and you are working on alternative grantmaking strategies such as participatory, decentralized, and democratized grantmaking; subverting capitalism through collaborative ways of moving capital; and/or exploring creative ways to spend down endowments.

  • You are someone open to thinking through how to reorganize our economy and redistribute wealth to serve all people, challenging us to see how we view sustainability, moderation, success and wealth in new ways that transcend current capitalistic alternatives and focus holistically on human needs.  

  • You are someone who is working on radically changing the tools and perspectives which inform philanthropy’s priorities in decision making in order to support, rather than limit, the ability for new ways of existing to flourish.

  • You may also be someone in movements for liberation and land reclamation and be interested in thinking through philanthropy’s role in reparations.

  • You are willing to cultivate networks of healing and transformation through embodied practices in relationship building, reciprocity, abundance, and cooperative economics in order to fund from a ecosystem approach that will allow movements and communities to thrive.

  • You are willing to continue engaging with the community of practice after this implementation

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis but space is limited and we have had a waitlist in previous years. We recommend you apply as soon as possible to reserve your spot! Once you receive your acceptance, you will be prompted then to pay your registration fee.