The Insight of Those Directly Affected #DisruptPhilanthropyNOW

The Funder requested—after 15 years of successful applications—that the occupations of the parents of Youth of Resources’ board members be disclosed in order to prove their eligibility. YAR refused, arguing that doing so would constitute a traumatic invasion of privacy. YAR further argued that the disclosure of this information would not serve to prove their eligibility. YAR’s 2016 application was denied. 

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Within our Lifetime's Truth Telling #DisruptPhilanthropyNOW

Our story is being told, not just the story happening between grantees and foundations, but as one of the many stories with devastating impacts for numerous organizations, especially people of color-led organizations, and communities of color. Though our story describes exasperating funding practices, more than inherent racially inequitable practices, as a people of color-led network, we experience differing impacts.

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Invitation to Liberate Philanthropy

This post kicks off “Liberate Philanthropy,” a new blog series curated by Justice Funders to reimagine philanthropy free of its current constraints — the accumulation and privatization of wealth, and the centralization of power and control — to one that redistributes wealth, democratizes power and shifts economic control to communities. 

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